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Gordon drops 10kg in a fantastic body and lifestyle transformation!

Posted by in Success Stories

Before starting, I had difficulty sleeping, I sleep much better now, for longer and get a deeper sleep. It’s also been really helpful im helping me to manage stress levels, I feel better able to cope with high pressure situations professionally.

As well as losing weight, my body has also changed shape, this has meant that I’ve had to change my entire wardrobe, but clothes fit better, I look better wearing them and i feel great. One other final, an unexpected result was that I used to suffer with spots on my back, after the first 4 weeks they started to clear up, and now they have disappeared altogether!!

Luke drops 15kg of fat in 6 months

Posted by in Success Stories

Between May and October I lost 15kg. I dropped from a tight 36″ waist to a comfortable 33″. Sleeping is better. I also have more energy. I did have to replace almost everything in my wardrobe. I get compliments almost daily.

Physically I have shrunk- in a good way. I sleep better. I am conscious of what I eat, but it doesn’t control my life. I am stronger and more flexible. There are some weaker parts of my body I am more aware of and am working on to strengthen these.